The gigs in Liverpool

Ever since we were booked early this spring, we had been looking forward to the trip to Liverpool.  Could you believe we’d get the chance to stand on a stage and play in this legendary music town. Matthew Street with The Cavern and all the other legendary clubs has for many years almost been a kind of Mecca of pop music. We were later told that there are bands from all over the world who are standing in line to come and play at any of these clubs, so it’s not bad to have gotten the opportunity to play there. Even some of our local newspapers paid attention to our gigs in England and wrote about it
The fact that there was another gig booked the day before we left Sweden made things even better.

Now, when t...

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Music news

Music is now updated with a couple of new songs and versions. Some of them recorded at the studio “ILEN records” and the others are recorded in the rehearsal room during this spring. We made five recordings ...

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The Austria tour

Wednesday, April 16 at 08:00 the bus and trailer were loaded and we went southbound.  The trip went via the Öresund Bridge to Denmark and the ferry Rodby-Puttgarden to Germany. When we came to Hildesheim south of Hanover late that evening we were totally exhausted. We found a small hotel there and stayed overnight. The following day became an even longer day and we did not arrive until eleven o’clock pm to our little hotel, Reiterhof-Golz outside Hermagor where we would stay.

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Time again for Dax Igen

January 18, it was time again for “Dax Igen”. A charity concert for the benefit of Föreningshuset in Åsensbruk. This was the fourth time since the event was restarted in 2011. Originally it was arranged by Skålleruds Accordion Club during the 60’s and 70’s but has lain dormant since then.
There were eight different performances by bands and artists during the evening. Everything from “finger picking guitar” via troubadours to Rock n’ roll with Reborn Band. It was a very varied program with Fredrik ...

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A day in the studio


Last Saturday, November 30, there was a full day in the studio at Ilen Records. Five songs were recorded for the upcoming CD “Rock from Valley Country Volume III” which is produced by Valley Country Rockers.
This is the third CD in this series and will as usual only contain music recorded by Rock and Rockabilly band from Dalsland. The recordings will be made during the fall and winter and should be finished in February. Read the ar...

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