Nordic Guitar Club

NGC is a club for enthusiasts of music from the ’60s, mostly guitar-instrumentals but also rock and pop from this decade. The Club organizes monthly meetings during the winter in their clubhouse “Backa Folkets Hus” in Gothenburg and for every meeting they invites bands to play music from this period. Visit their website.
We were in October invited to play there for the second time in the last two years. This time we shared playing time with a band from Gothenburg called “Göteboyz”. We were later reviewed in the December issue of the clubs magazine “Spotnews”.

Quoted (and freely translated) from the Spotnews article by Göran Bohlin:

20:15 PM was the next band ready start their show. It was Reborn Band from Bäckefors and Mellerud in Dalsland and they made a flying start with “Hippy, Hippy Shake” at high volume.
At least 50% of the audience immediately needed to  decrease the volume in their hearing aids!
There would be continuing full speed most of the Reborn Bands gig this evening. Reborn Band members are: Morgan Ottosson (guitar and vocals), Bengt Johansson (drums), Bele Fransson (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals) and Christer Mårtensson (bass, guitar and vocals).

After the opening number followed: “I Can Only Give You Everything” (Them), “Baby Come Back” (The Equals) and the guitar-instrumental “Diamonds” (Jet Harris & Tony Meehan).
The hot swinging went on with, “One More Time” (Them), and “When I Come Home” (Spencer Davis Group) and Beles swinging arm reminded me of Pete Townshend.
In “Mercy, Mercy I could in Morgan discern the voice of Mick Jagger. The next song was for the audience another well-known guitar-instrumental, “Ghost Riders In The Sky”.

After half an hour gig the hard-working guys from Dalsland had a short break. It was time for the evenings lottery draw:


During the breake they dried the sweat from their foreheads and then the show went on at the same pace as before with “How Long” (Eagles) and “Hey Joe” (Jimi Hendrix).  Then the tempo slowed down a bit in The Searchers melodically “Someday We’re Gonna Love Again”.  After Lovin Spoonfuls “On The Road Again it was time for the last groovy number: “Lookin’ For Some Tush” by ZZ Top.

Warm applause from the audience, became the band’s receipt for their consummate performance. There was a really great swinging show and we could finally increase the volume in the hearing aids again!

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