In the late fall of 1980 Keps Band was founded by, Bengt Johansson, Björn Wallentin, Göran “Blues” Karlsson and Christer Mårtensson. Björn and Göran were playing guitars, Björn lead and Göran rhythm guitar, Bengt was the drummer and Christer the bassist. In the beginning we were only playing Swedish songs by artists as Ulf Lundell, Magnus Lindberg, Dan Hylander, Nationalteatern among others. At that time we mostly played in small pubs and restaurants in the neighborhood. This constellation lasted for about three to four years and then we took a long break until the beginning of 90’s.

After the reunion we had our first gig in January ’91 at “Järnvägshotellet” in Mellerud and played the same songs that we used to play before the break, but we extended the songs list as the time went on. We then started to add newer and older blues and rock songs. We we were for a while influenced by Gary Moore who just had released two blues albums around these years, but songs by Jeff Healey and Spencer Davis Group among others were also represented. Niklas Edwinsson became a new member during the spring this year and was playing the keyboard, an instrument we hadn’t had before.

In the summer of ’91 Bengt was visiting a nearby city to see a show with Magnus Lindberg, the guy who had written some of the songs we were playing. He talked to him after the show and asked if he could come and perform as a guest artist with Keps for one gig during the fall. “No problems he said, when do you want me to come?” Bengt became a bit surprised and confused? “Was it that easy to make him to come and play with us amateurs?” Anyhow, the only thing to do was then to find a time and place to arrange a gig.
“Wärdshuset på Dal” liked this idea and October 12 became the date for the show. Magnus arrived one day before the gig for some rehearsal and the show was performed for the enthusiastic audience. More than 300 people had come to see Keps with Magnus! It was a great gig for all of us! The collaboration with Magnus went on from that point and didn’t end up until 1995. We had then performed about 25-30 shows with Magnus in many places in the southern part of Sweden.  Gothenburg, Trollhättan, Karlstad, Eksjö, Tranås among others.

Björn who had moved to Stockholm during our break found it harder and harder to travel so far for every gig, chose to break up and we had to find another guitar player to replace him.
During the spring ’93 Stefan Karlsson from Uddevalla joined us and became our new solo guitarist but didn’t stay with us for so long.

1995 became a very turbulent year with many changes in band members.
In the spring, Göran told us, after mature reflection, that he wanted to quit the band and we had to start searching for a new singer. Niklas moved from Mellerud that summer and needed to be replaced and a short time later, Stefan also wanted to quit Keps. We were then, suddenly, in the need of three more new members.

At last we found a singer, Leif Svensson, who also was from Mellerud and had been singer and keyboard player in Diggers, a youth band, and some other bands from Dalsland.
The new guitar player became Ulrik Seppänen and the keyboard player Anders Karlsson, very capable musicians and from Mellerud as well.

To be continued……….

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  • Madelene Mathiasson  says:

    Hej vi söker band till bröllopsfest 26/5 åttersrud
    Bygdegård mellan ca 20.00-02.00.
    Hur är ni bokade detta datum, vad skulle en
    Spelning kosta?

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