All of our musical careers started in the 60’s and has been going on ever since.



MorganOttosson started his career in the mid ’60s as a singer and guitarist in Beatstones with four other guys, at that time a very popular band in Dalsland. The music were in the style of Rolling Stones, Beatles, Spencer Davies Group among other bands from the ’60s.
Beatstones was at a number of times playing as a pre-concert band for bands like, Hep Stars, Ola & The Janglers, Caretakers and a number of other famous Swedish bands. Read this article.

BeatstonesAfter the Beatstones period he joined Dennys, a band that three of us has been members of but at different times. The musical career went on through the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s in bands like, Pelles, Carols and others but in 00’s there was a change.

He went back to his roots and the music from ’60s again and joined the group “High Five ’60s”. They played together for a couple of years but in 2012 he broke up when he met his old friends from Denny’s again. Now they formed “Reborn Dennys” almost the same constellation as before and started to play the old songs from ’60s mixed with newer songs in the style of rock n’ roll, R&B and guitar instrumentals.

At the end of summer 2013 there were a change of members and the name was changed to “Reborn Band”.



The musical career of Bele Fransson began in the late ’60s. Right from the start, he showed great musical talent and after a few years, he mastered the violin, guitar, bass and keyboard.
First as a bassist in the youth band “Diamonds”, later as a guitarrist in “Denny’s” and “New Candies”  where even song could be added to the instruments.

After a few years, in the mid ’70s, he was one of the founders of “Hasse & Grabbarna” a band that was very popular and had many gigs in both Sweden and Norway until the late seventies.

During the ’80s he had a recording studio together with some of the guys in that band. A few years later, he and two other guys formed “Accent” a trio that later expanded to a quartet and they played together for nearly twenty years.

2010, he met some of the old members from different generations of “Dennys” to take up the music again, just for fun. In the beginning there were only old ‘guitar classics’, but after Morgan joined in januari 2012 the repertoire expanded to include vocals as well. After the summer of 2013 when two of the former musicians left the “Reborn Dennys” a new drummer joined and the “Reborn Band” was born.



Christer Mårtensson’s musical career began when he received a guitar on his 9th birthday. He played on it daily and after many hours of hard work he learned a couple of songs. The repertoire grew gradually, and the major sources of inspiration were then Shadows and Spotnicks.

In the late ’60s he formed “Diamonds” with Bele Fransson and three other guys.

A few years into the ’70s a request came from “Denny’s” and he then became a colleague with Morgan Ottosson.

1977 was the next request and then it was “Jimsons” who needed a new guitarist. A very flattering mission since they at that time was a very popular band and among the busiest band in the area and also had a lot of gigs in Norway. “Jimsons” disbanded in late 1980.

Then it was time for the next challenge. It was the newly formed rock and blues band “Keps” that needed a bassist.

“Playing the bass? It must be like playing the guitar but easier with just four strings”

The quartet “Keps” has since then been reorganized a number of times. Many members has come and gone over the years except Christer and the drummer Bengt ” Bjon ” Johansson, who has been faithful to the band. For some years in the ’90s “Keps” toured the south of Sweden with Magnus Lindberg from “Landslaget” and “Grymlings ” and Dan Hylander as guest artists. “Keps” kept playing until the end of 2013, but the last years with three members.

After the reunion with the old friends from Denny’s yet another constellation was created and after the recent reshuffle “the circle is closed” when Bengt now also is a member of “Reborn Band”



Bengt Johansson whose music life began when he at 11 years old got his first set of drums. In the beginning he sat out on the balcony and played for not to disturb the neighbors. A boy in a house across the street, Christer Mårtensson, heard him play and the first musical contact was established, a collaboration that now has lasted for nearly 50 years.
Their first rehearsal room was in the basement where the interested audience had to pay “25 öre” for entrance.


Bengt’s first real band was later ”Goblins” a band that had both real amplifiers and PA-system.

Around 1970, another band “Marwins” was started, where Christer and Bengt became members along with three other guys but the constellation was disbanded after about a year and the drums was then shelved for a few years.

In the early ’80s became the craving for music too big and “Keps” was founded by Bengt, Christer, Göran “Blues” Karlsson and Björn Wallentin. The music was rock and blues, and covers of Swedish artists like “Ulf Lundell”, “Magnus Lindberg”, “Ola Magnell” among others.

In the early ’90s, after a few years break, the activity increased again, now with bigger ambitions. The number of gigs increased and the activity was expanded to almost the southern parts of Sweden, especially when the guest performers “Magnus Lindberg” and “Dan Hylander” were involved.

In late summer 2013 “Reborn Denny’s” needed a temporary drummer for a gig in Liverpool and Bengt was asked about the job. The job was managed superbly and when the place later became vacant he was given a regular place behind the drums in the band now renamed to “Reborn Band”